Google Cast & Android TV: Building connected experiences for the home – Google I/O 2016

hi my name is Adam Champi and I'm the product lead for the Google cast SDK and the cast integrations with OEM TV partners I'm joined here by Sasha my name is Sasha Buda I'm heading up the Android TV team and this is not my twitter handle so whoever you message please be nice also who of you is actually here for the session and who is here because this is a room with shade and quite cool ok no hands go up who is here for free devices ok very good there are no free devices so we're talking with you a little bit about the living room today and Adam will talk about cost I will talk a little later about anyway TV so heading over to AB great so we're gonna talk about building integrated experiences for the living room and for many of you you may not think this the stakes are that high but let me take you through a scenario that you've probably experienced millions of people will go home tonight or tomorrow and turn on the TV and if they're unlucky very unlucky th…

What's New for Android TV (Google I/O '17)

[Music] hello everybody hello hello thanks for coming my name is Corey O'Connor and I'm product manager on Android TV for major platform features including the

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– This week on 'Couch Tomatoes, 'we're talking Apple TV+'s new original shows, like 'TheMorning Show, ' 'Servant, ' ans 'For All Mankind, ' andgiving you our Fresh Picks on what else to watch.

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